Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Starting Again...

Hi and welcome,

I have to admit I am the kind of girl who starts something, learns everything I can about the subject and after a while get a bit bored and move on..... healthy eating is no exception to the rule!

I lost 3 stone 4 lbs on Slimming World in 2013, thought I knew it all and stopped going to group.  Within a year I put it back on again!  Again in 2014 I lost 1 st 7 lbs, and I've started to gain again...  So I know the plan works, it's just I kinda like Kebabs A LOT!!!!  Oh yeah and wine, I kinda like wine a lot too  lol!!!

I love Slimming World and the plan, but I have to admit I hate the classes and the happy clapping that goes with it, I often sit there and will it to end but from experience it's true that when you stay to group you do get more out of it, I'm going to try and stay to class more in the future........

Sometimes it can be really hard to find the ingredients in Ireland for some of the gorgeous recipes I have found  online and in some Slimming World books, not only that but sometimes it can be costly and for this reason I try to stick to Lidl and Aldi for the staples, but mostly always visit the local butcher for meats and fishmonger for fish, I really dislike the supermarket meats.... maybe I'm a meat snob but hey ho we all have our little foibles!

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will have some tasty goodies and some weight loss at my next class.